About Us

In the late 1980's, Tim Mallon, CEO and Founder of Outdoor Designs, decided to recreate some of his antique collection of garden furniture and urns. He went to Mexico, located a foundry and made molds of his cast iron furniture. The Daisy Pattern, Basket Weave Pattern and Heart Pattern are just a few examples of his early cast furniture. In addition, Tim was the first to make molds of his antique cast iron urns which he then replicated in aluminum. To this day many urns he created are still in production and distributed around the world. At that time he sold his furniture and urns at garden center trade shows with much success.

In 1994 Outdoor Designs included teak garden furniture in its catalogue along with cast aluminum. Many of the leading retailers in this country and Europe sell our teak and rely on our quality designs and large inventory.

In 2003 we created the Extendible Cast Aluminum Table Collection. We designed a unique set of leaves which enable the use of an umbrella in the closed or extended position. Since the early 1800's almost all dining tables had extentions or leaves. We saw no reason not to extend the extension outdoors to the deck, patio or poolside. These extendible tables are available in aluminum and teak.

At Outdoor Designs LTD we believe that our new and unique products and our commitment to quality and service set us apart from the "follow the leader" manufacturers.